Agile Workshops

Agile Workshops are great for improving soft skills and facilitating cooperation in teams. For any manager or Scrum Master, the goal is to enable colleagues to interact effectively and harmoniously with other members of the team. In this section, we provide ready to use set, that will surely help all of you!

Agile Workshops
Agile Workshops

Best collection of Agile Workshops

  • Ready to use scenarios for facilitating the most popular workshop. LEGO Scrum is usually the first one you will try. It focuses mainly on Scrum. Don’t wait any longer and help your team understand Scrum right away!
  • Agile Paper Planes Game helps players understand the agile approach, as well as improve team collaboration. It is not so widely known as LEGO workshops, and also focus on little different skills. The great pros of these workshops are that all you need is paper, participants, and free hour.
  • Scrum Team Estimation Game is known also under Swimlanes Estimation and is approximately 3 times faster than Planning Poker. It is used by many teams regularly in every Sprint to estimate work.
  • Agile Scrum Taboo Game, known also as Scrum Taboo is a super easy yet powerful tool. It focuses on understanding common language and agile terms properly. It is a game in which the team should play on a daily basis.
  • Walt Disney Brainstorming fights our instincts to invent an idea, and instantly we look for a solution and moment later we seek for downsides of it.

Facilitation tricks

This one is not exactly a workshop. But when you are running any of the above, you will need these 6 simple meeting facilitation tricks. Learn how to change your endless meeting will change into a constructive collaboration event.

Good luck!

However all the above resources are not strictly team building games, I believe, that when correctly done they will put lots of team spirit into your colleagues. They are a great way of enabling them to cooperate and work well together.