How to pass the Professional Scrum Developer exam?

Professional Scrum Developer by is in many opinions the hardest exam on elementary Scrum level. More importantly, this is probably the only Scrum certificate for developers that matters. You can’t just pay for a piece of paper here. You really need to prove your knowledge. Luckily I prepared a complete starting package with extensive pieces of information for anyone who aims to learn and pass the exam.

Professional Scrum Developer
The following package with hard work let me pass PSD above 90%. If you have any doubts or questions regarding the exam, please leave a comment

Step by step Guide

Firstly I prepared a to-do (or rather to-learn) list. Follow the step by step guide and pass Professional Scrum Developer with no sweat. All it requires is a little bit of hard work and an open mind. Click to view Step by step Guide for passing PSD.


To boost your learning speed, you need to get familiar with all the terms that are widely used in the software development world. It was never so easy, check out our Developer Glossary. It is based on the glossary that can be found on the Scrum website. The terms are explained without beating around the bush.


Last but not least I prepared a list of example questions that might appear on your exam (but might not). Read through PSD Questions and Answers, but please take in mind that this is by no means exam dumps or complete list!

Good luck!

With such solid preparation, you should have no problem passing the exam. Remember that each attempt costs you $200. It takes 60 minutes and consists of 80 questions, whee 85% of correct answers are required to pass. Score as high as you aim! Please leave us a comment, after all, to encourage other people to take their chances šŸ¤ž

21 thoughts on “How to pass the Professional Scrum Developer exam?”

  1. Ok first of all – there are some things in the Glossary that are not 100% alligned with the Scrum Guide. Simplier explained, but I dont know if better.

    This Q&A – is below my honor.

    The step by step guide is golden though! Very good source of valuable links.

    Myself I have PSD for a long time now and even PSM. This site is quite good for someone who is just starting.

  2. I have been browsing online greater than three hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It is lovely worth sufficient for me.

  3. Your resources and guidelines are indeed helpful and useful, it helps me out to plan a road map for my learning.

    I took the exam once and failed, so right now I’m preparing again for the exam, and there is an area that I failed the most, which is (Documentation / Persistence), and I was searching for online resources about this area, and couldn’t find any, could anyone help me out in this?
    I would appreciate it.

    • Hello Ghada. I will be more than happy to help you šŸ™‚

      What pops into my mind when you are talking about Documentation in context of software development is tha in XP requirements are expressed as automated acceptance tests rather than specification documents.

      Do you recall any specific questions?


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