Professional Scrum Developer Q&A

Here you will find bried answers to question that might appear on Professional Scrum Developer certification exam. Remember that they only certificate from scrum that matter is the one.

Why are automated builds important?

They provide rapid assurance that defects and configuration management issues have not been introduced. Builds are just an extra level of validation to make sure that you still have a unit of potentially shippable software. Automating builds makes that process faster.

What is a unit test?

A test that isolates and verifies individual units of source code.

What relationship does Scrum have to technical practices?

Scrum Development Teams with excellent technical practices will likely be more successful.

Who refine Product Backlog items?

The Development Team and the Product Owner

Is that true, that only technical writers can create documentation during a Sprint?

No, this is False

What are the four desirable characteristics of a unit test?

  1. The test executes fast.
  2. Code in each test is as small as possible while maintaining readability of the code.
  3. Each test is independent of other unit tests.
  4. Each test makes assertions about only one logical concept.

What are three reasons why automated builds are important?

  1. They allow frequent validation of the unit of software being worked on, ensuring it remains in a potentially shippable state.
  2. They support continuous integration.
  3. The build process is clearly defined and scripted, making it easy consistent and repeatable.

Give an example of metrics, that are not metric of code quality?

  1. Cycle time per feature.
  2. Return of investment.

What is the name of the practice of expressing requirements as acceptance tests?

Acceptance Test Driven Development

Please define Continuous Integration.

A software development practice where members of a development team integrate and verify their work frequently, often multiple times each day, to detect integration errors as quickly as possible.

What are the attributes of a good bug report?

  1. Clear title and proper grammar in report.
  2. One bug per report.
  3. Simple and repeatable reproduction steps.
  4. Expected results and observed results.
  5. Build/version where bug was found.
  6. Screenshots or other pictures of bug in action when user interfaces are involved.

When are testers and quality experts ideally included in a project?

From the beginning and throughout all Sprints

What is pair programming?

Two developers writing code together, providing constant peer review.

Should Programmers and testers be included in refining Product Backlog items?

Yes, they are mandatory!

What are two reasons to automate the software build process?

  1. Automation improves the quality of software by making builds less error-prone.
  2. To get feedback on changes to the code early and often.

What is the benefit of establishing naming standards for code?

To make the code more readable.

When a Continuous Integration build fails, who ideally ensures the build is repaired?

The person who broke the build

When does the Development Team participate in Product Backlog refinement?

Anytime during the Sprint.

What types of tests can be automated?

  1. Unit
  2. Integration
  3. Smoke
  4. Functional
  5. Performance

Which types of tests can NOT be automated?

Exploratory test can’t be automated.

What are three advantages of Continuous Integration?

  1. Broken builds are detected quickly.
  2. The software is generally kept in a buildable state.
  3. Know immediately how a check-in affected the build.

What are two benefits of Continuous Integration?

  1. Causes team members to consider each other’s work and context.
  2. It leads to higher transparency and rapid feedback to the team.

What is test-first development?

  1. Designing tests before satisfying them.

What are the benefits of Test Driven Development?

  1. It promotes good design and separation of concerns.
  2. It improves quality and reduces bugs.
  3. It causes you to construct a test harness that can be automated.
  4. It speeds the overall development process.

Should User Stories be part of the documentation generated by a Scrum project?

Yes, if they are part of the Definition of Done.

Who writes tests in a Scrum Team

The Development Team. Because in a Scrum Team tester is member of the Development Team.

What is Technical Debt?

A term representing the eventual consequences of poor technical choices.

What are some shortcomings of code coverage as a measurement for how well a system or product is tested?

  1. Code coverage does not ensure that the most important or highest risk areas of the code are being exercised by tests.
  2. Code coverage does not necessarily provide functional coverage.
  3. Could create incentives to write tests that simply increase code coverage, rather than tests that find bugs without increasing coverage.

Which are the three attributes of a bad bug report?

  1. Generic titles.
  2. Vague statements or untested assumptions.
  3. Assigning blame.

Which is the LEAST useful piece of documentation you want to have at your disposal when starting in a new team?

The full history of retrospective plans and lessons learned.

What is NOT Test-Driven Development?

Testing existing software before developing any new software is not TDD.